Brakes & Auto Service in Lake Forest

Horacio Auto and Brakes in Lake Forest Horacio Auto & Brake Service is an independent shop in Lake Forest in the heart of Orange County. They have to compete with all the big name brands plus scores of other auto repair shops in the area. Service and outstanding work set them apart from the rest. Getting their site a top listing on Google is a difficult task for this one-page site but we are up to the challenge. It offers online appointments and is fully mobile ready.

Water water everywhere.

desaltech-x As webmaster (I don’t think I like that term) for the National Water Research Institute in Fountain Valley, Orange County, I have developed a number of websites for conferences for water scientists, the lastest of which is DesalTech 2015, the International Conference on Emerging Water Desalination Technologies in Municipal and Industrial Applications to be held in San Diego. Big title but the site is really just a guide for participants to learn details about what to ezpect at the conference. Mobile ready, of course.

Private investigator for San Diego.

Able Legal Financial Investigations, San Diego We just updated and upgraded this site to WordPress for one of our oldest clients, Able Legal Investigations. It now has a fresh, modern look, can be content managed by the site owner, and features improved mobile responsiveness. We had resisted WordPress sites at one time. But more and more, our clients are asking for the kinds of features that only WordPress can provide. As a result, this is our 7th new site on that platform over the last 6 months with several more in the pipeline. Who would have thought?

Redesign for a spiritual center.

Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley, San Clemente We recently redesigned the website for the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano in San Clemente, Orange County. Our 4th site over the years for the spiritual center, this time we built the site on the WordPress platform as a content management system. Now center members can manage their own site. And it’s now mobile ready, too, as a bonus. This was a big project — for us — with about 10 people involved.

One page for a niche market.

Launch of a new site: SAILBAY Handmade Fleece Fender Covers, San Diego SAILBAY Handmade Fleece Fender Covers provides a custom product to a niche market. Their website is a simple brochure distributed to potential customers. The site features a one-page design that is becoming more and more common to accommodate a growing mobile user base as well as all users who are voting for more scrolling and less clicking.

Financial advice for over a quarter century.

Your Money Talks: Financial advisor in Laguna Hills, Orange County Pacific Financial Planners is a financial advisor also licensed to sell annuities and life insurance, with over a quarter century of experience. PFP provides professional money management, using stock and index investing for growth and income and creating laddered bond fixed income portfolios. Owner Jerry Slusiewicz also hosts Your Money Talks, an informative call-in radio show offering helpful investment tips for listeners in Orange County and the Inland Empire. The website was built on WordPress and works great on mobile devices as well as full-size displays.

Making young princesses smile.

Dazzling D's Princess Productions, Irvine, Orange County Dazzling D’s Princess Productions sends Princesses based on Disney characters to your little princess’s birthday party, providing services from short visits to complete party planning. The Orange County business serves a large area of Southern California, making little girls’ dreams come true throughout the southland. A mobile responsive site with galleries for each princess character.

Jobs and economic development.

Medici Donor Fund, Costa Mesa, Orange County The Medici Donor Fund is a new start-up whose mission is to create jobs and economic development in urban and rural areas across the country. They do this by providing loans and financial assistance to entrepreneurs who don’t normally have access to traditional financing. For this initial roll-out in anticipation of a much larger site to come, we went with a simple scrollable one-page site that says all that needs to be said in a compact space. This makes finding information easy, whether on a phone, tablet, or full-size computer.

Patently big and bold.

MPR Intellectual Property For our most recent web design — for MPR Intellectual Property — we went with a big, bold look that is guaranteed to attract the attention of inventors and creators who need solid, affordable help with preparing and filing patent applications. MPR has been around for over 15 years but this is their first true use of the web to assist this rapidly growing market. Does it need to be said that the site is phone- and tablet-ready?